Techno-OTP: a signed Once Time Password

What's more secure than the current Once Time Password (OTP) solutions to authenticate, for instance, on-line bank transactions? It's signed OTP (sOTP).

If you are wondering what a signed OTP is and how it differs from the current solutions, the answer is that the with a signed OTP:

  1. The user can use it only if the website he/she is connected to, is the original bank's website and not a clone.
  2. The generated password ensures the code can only come from the account owner.
  3. Last, but not least, it's an app the user can install on his/her mobile.       

The main benefits are:

  • No Man in the Middle (MitM) or  Man in the Browser (MitB) frauds are possible anymore.
  • Secure against the most advanced Malware (such as Slave).
  • Cheaper to maintain: it's an app and not a device anymore.
  • Lower costs for the banks for each user.
  • It's always on your mobile following you wherever you go.
  • It won't work on stolen or left unattended mobile phones.
  • No external servers are required.    

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.