TOTEM Queues

Totem is a multi-queues management system: it is currently in use in several Banks with different service areas and different counters for each area.

It consists of two parts:

  1. Totem itself is a kiosk located in the entrance of the Bank, where customers get a ticket after selecting the required service. Optionally, a mobile application can provide customers with an electronic ticket and waiting time information.   
  2. The Display consists of one or more monitors in a waiting area, displaying ticket numbers and counters location. It is also used to display Bank information and passive advertising.   

From the software standpoint, there are three parts:

  1. an application running on the Totem
  2. an application running on the teller's PC
  3. an application running for the Display.   

TOTEM is highly configurable: 

  1. Name and number of services.
  2. Tellers' Data (password, picture, ...) and their services.
  3. Services can be enabled or disabled at particular times of the day and/or in specific days of the week. Note that customers can select a particular service and/or a particular person to talk with.
  4. Print formatting of tickets.
  5. It is possible to set a priority queue for people in need of particular care.   


  1. Keeping customers in a waiting area far from the counters or desks, leads to an increased privacy and a better service offered by the personnel.
  2. Waiting time is reduced to a minimum as the Totem automatically selects a queue on all the counters that provides the requested service.
  3. Customers can take a ticket to talk with a specific person rather than a selecting a service.
  4. Branch Managers can monitor in real time the workflow and eventually intervene accordingly (for instance activating more counters and reassigning different services to personnel)
  5. Displays in the waiting area are also an opportunity to continuously promote services, to remind deadlines and to convey important messages.
  6. Totem logs all its activity, allowing statistical information extraction to improve the quality of services.