A simple and efficient system to prevent Bank Draft frauds.

Checks and drafts continue to be popular target for fraudster. TechnoVerify solves the problem providing the emitting Bank with an application for generating a security code (and a QR Code when using a laser print) to be placed on the draft: it’s a digital signature that can be verified by the TechnoVerifyApp application.

TechnoVerifyApp is a smartphone or tablet application to verify the security code on the Banker’s draft, confirming no any data on the draft has been altered: check number, emission date, value, payee.

The following is a printout of the application generating the security code and the encrypted QR code to guarantee the origin of the current Banker’s draft.

The security code and the QR code.

The following is the picture of the forged bank's draft. 

Using the App TechnoVerifyApp, the client is able to import directly the data from the QR code if and only if the Bank Draft has been emitted by the emitting Bank. In this case, the data (Draft's Number, Value and Payee) are loaded into the fields ready to be verified. 

At this point, the app can verify whether data have been altered or not.

TechnpVerifyApp can verify data without being connected neither to Internet nor to the phone line.